Welcome to a little place in the infinite realm of cyberspace that I hope will make your day a better one. Please feel free to smile because after all, this is a happy place. Everyone has their own. This is mine and I'll share it with you. Come in, meditate, take a breath, relax, marvel at the visions, but most of all enjoy the presence of the beautiful Reneé!

Some good ROC info to ponder while you're relaxing:

Who is Reneé O'Connor anyway?
Reneé the actress is most popularly known from her appearances on Xena: Warrior Princess as the feisty and lovable sidekick Gabrielle. But she is so much more.

Who exactly is Gabrielle?
Gabrielle is the ultimate Friend, Bard, Sidekick, Warrior, and Amazon Queen. Like Reneé herself, Gabrielle is trustworthy, witty, charming, and beautiful.
  • In a 20 questions interview in the May 97 issue of Playboy Magazine Lucy Lawless spoke this about Gabrielle's restrictions beyond that of friend/companion: "She can get up on my horse, but she can't touch my weapons. She has to keep her hands off the chakram. She's allowed to rub my shoulders, but she's not allowed to play with my hair. She can't use my toothbrush. That's reserved for the fourth season."

What's so special about Reneé that you feel obligated to dedicate precious space to her?
If you watch Reneé's performances you'll see that she brings out the personality and charm in the characters she portrays. I believe that comes from deep within herself and is a reflection not only on her talents but on herself as a person.

What should I watch for during her performances?
Well, on Xena:WP, Reneé is a master of the "scan the crowd." I love to just watch her while the other actors do their thing. You'll notice that she doesn't just stand by and stare off into space. Her eyes are always moving across the landscape or through the crowd of bystanders. But she's still paying attention to the others and slides into the conversation with ease and the skill of a master. It's simply entertaining just to watch her.

That's all fine and dandy but can she carry the show?
Yes, and she has on many occasions when Xena was out of the picture. That's when shows revolve around Gabrielle and her actions. I must say I enjoy those episodes the most.

Is that all?
No! Not by a long shot, she can direct, too!
Check out her biography page for more things she's done. Just "click" on the ROC BIO button on the menu to the left.

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