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Congratulations! You've arrived. Through all cyberspace it all ends in one place, all that surfing and wandering around the inifinite corridors of electronic media and cruising the lanes of the superhighway, this is it, my place. Oh joy! Rapture!

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My pal from my years down under - "Look at the big bunny!"
A pic of my buddy Mr Bean - "Smile!"
That reminds me - I have a print of this I need to frame
From the cover of "Ghost: Nocturns" from Dark Horse Comics
Another "Ghost" pic - this one's pretty cool
Just a little pic of my bro Scot and me clowning around

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The Reneé O'Connor Happy Place - My very own page dedicated to Reneé - with lots of great ROC information, links, and
My very own Gold Digger page for all us Cheetaholics out there!
Dave's Poetry Place - Original works of poetry by yours truly

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