Reneé O'Connor: The Web Site

The meaning of it all

or what drives me

My thoughts while building and running this site:

In my efforts to put out a quality Reneé O'Connor site I have to think out what I am trying to convey to the web surfers who may visit. I want to put out a meaningful site that leaves the reader with as much appreciation for Reneé as I have. I try to keep from calling anything a shrine or elevating Reneé to the status of Goddess, a title in which I'm sure she is truly qualified but I'll refrain from expressing those types of obvious observations here. Sadly, people are judged by either what they look like or what they do, usually not by who they are. I read web sites or articles comparing two people on looks or how two actors play their characters and I begin to think that some people aren't looking at the whole picture. I refer to the "Who's better looking, Lucy or Reneé" sites or those that place a celebrity high on a pedestal but have no real informational value. I understand that people have their own opinions. That's fine but I don't like feeling that their view point is being forced upon me.
My site is by no means the best nor is it an ideal objective environment (though I do try), I want to be able to put the information out there and maybe a comment or two of my own but still leave it up to the viewer to enjoy and make their own judgments. The site is centered around Reneé because she makes me smile and I want to share and spread the enjoyment she brings to my life with others. I have informational areas (biography, film credits and articles) and purely entertainment areas (.wav library and picture galleries). While I'm no HTML pro by far, I try to entertain as much as possible, such as humorous (at least my sense of humor) captions to go along with the pictures.
A lot of people come up to me and see my Gabrielle tee shirt, pictures or other merchandise and automatically brand me a Gabrielle and Xena: WP fan. Well, true, but I'm more of a perfectionist when placing labels on people or things. While I do really enjoy the Gabrielle character I am truly a Reneé O'Connor fan. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of solely ROC merchandise out there. I did get hooked on Reneé's performances while watching Xena: WP but have had the opportunity to catch previous performances of different characters and grew a deep appreciation of her talent in the acting profession.
Disclaimer: I will not publish any material that puts anyone in a bad light, offensive or defamatory items, pictures of nude persons or persons in compromising positions. In the unlikely event that I do put any derogatory material or comments out about a person I will also try to attach an opposing view to keep the over all resolution of the issue up to the readers own opinion. If anything is published in this site that infringes on anyone's copyright rights, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to remove the offending material. This site is about both your entertainment and mine, I will try to keep it that way.

My thoughts were brought to you courtesy of Marla Bay Productions 1998.