ROC .WAV files

The melodious vocalizations of Reneé

Yes, it's me - 35.6k

Excuse me? - 43.9k

Now stay down - 16.2k

What's he doing? - 14.8k

Want to try it again? - 13.5k

So, what do you think? - 33.6k

Don't be a slave all your life - 39k

He is Hercules, look at him - 68.5k

Ah, funny - very, very funny - 37.5k

Why don't you ever look at me? - 43k

I think we should go back now - 52.4k

This is going to make a great story - 32.3k

Thank the gods for dumb cyclopses - 29.6k

Ha ha ha ha ha - you've snapped, haven't you - 87.3k

I'm sorry, you must have me mistaken for a pet - 35k

Ah I wonder what adventures Xena's into now? - 32.3k

We are staying and fighting for the greater good - 30.8k

Follow my destiny? What is my destiny? Tell me - 120k

I never eat - food's a luxury I don't have time for - 94.1k

I'm really sorry but you don't have that warrior thing - 32.9k

Twin halfwits, huh? Mom and Dad must be really proud - 73.9k

You worm - haven't you got any self respect? Look at yourself - 107k

We're gonna keep working until we get it right - and I've got all day - 40.4k

Are you ready to travel? Or maybe you need another couple of days in bed? - 88.7k

Have you ever had a headache that was so painful you wanted to be dead?
Well, I wish I had one of those right now
- 63.2k

The slave market? That's outrageous. How'd you like to be a slave?
But I guess you already are - slaves to the slave market
- 216k

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