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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

"The Lost Kingdom"

- Synopsis: This is the second of the Hercules full length (1hr 31mins.) features starring Kevin Sorbo. Anthony Quinn portrayed Zeus and even got the privilage of appearing in a long scene with Reneé. But alas Reneé plays a young woman named Deianeira who tags along with Hercules to find her own destiny as they search for the lost city of Troy.
- Observations about Reneé's performance: The word "feisty" seems to come up a lot. This trait is evident in the early scenes when Deianeira and Hercules meet and during her banter with the other characters. Then the transformation takes place to where Deianeira becomes a "polished" princess. It was Reneé's talent that caught the eye of executive producer Rob Tapert that he said, "We were all very impressed with Reneé."

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