Gabrielle Grab Bag II

The Sequel

There can be only one - and here she is! Again!

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"Gee, I wish I had cheek bones like that."
"That's it, Argo. It's your turn to be the horse."
Zamfir, eat your heart out!
"Next time on hiatus I'm going to work on my tan."

She's just too cute in this one, I had to include it.
Looking out towards the future! ROC on!
"Is all this leather and hardware really necessary?"
"Oh come're a real blonde?"

"Take my warrior princess, please!"
", those values of F occur at the vertices of the polygon."
"Please Gabrielle, can I be the warrior princess now?!"
"Xena really needs singing lessons big time."

- Insert your own caption here -
You know, I just hate to see Gabrielle looking so sad
One of those touching moments (sigh)
"I can see Poteidaia from up here!"

"Yes! Finally, the starring role!"
"Okay, tell me, can I get any cuter?"
"I really, really, really hate these singles bars."
"So there I was, there I was, there I was . . . in the Congo."

"You know, this statue isn't a very good likeness of me."
Just showing off those abs, thankyouverymuch!
"I hate it when people read over my shoulder."
Hey, just like the real Xena, only sweeter.

"That's either a bird, a plane, or . . . no, it can't be her."
"Well I'll be Callisto's sister . . . it is Xena!"
Playing Amazon - the rare shot of Gabrielle holding a sword
"Don't you dare tell me I could've had a V-8!"

Gabrielle needs more practice doing the fireman's carry
Fighting with her little stick - and enjoying it a little too much
"We've really got to dust up in those corners."
I just want to know if she can get in any better shape

And here is Gabrielle modeling an early peasant creation
Either a bad mood or it's Monday
You know - traditionally, the position of honor is on the right. Just check your military etiquette
"Sorry, I shouldn't have had the beans for lunch."

I really enjoyed constructing this second page. I hope you enjoyed this one as well.
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