Gabrielle Grab Bag

There can be only one - and here she is!

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Aahh ha ha ha! No one expects the spanish inquisition!
You used my parchment?!! (as toilet paper)
It's those voices again
"I'm the Amazon Queen, just act like my sidekick, okay?"

"Maybe if I hide behind Xena they won't notice me"
Uh oh, she's doing the puppy dog eyes
"I think Xena's really flipped this time"
"I said quit it with the "Gabby Gabby Bo Babby . . . "

The Three Musketeers they're not
"Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt
of elderberries!"
"They really need to turn up the heat in here"
". . . then I gave him a left, then a right . . ."

"Fishheads, fishheads, rolly polly fishheads . . ."
Love the way Joxer looks in that scarecrow costume
"Watch how I can wrestle this beast"
Don't worry, Joxer comes back in the next scene

As an art lover I'm sure you'll appreciate this piece
Okay - we've got the angelic light thing going
"I vant to be alooone"
"I hate this - even the weapons are taller than I am"

" . . . and you're waking me up this early because?
Like a dear :) caught in the headlights
Two professionals that are outstanding in the field
Hey Gabrielle! Over here!

Okay, here we go - who can look meaner?
" . . . I was talking to the pig! Ha! I get it!"
" . . . and that's a fact, Jack"
Gabrielle jumps in front of Joxer during the group
photo session

"I don't think you can hit him with the chakram
from here"
Tempers flair when Gabrielle gets more fan mail
than Xena
There's just something about an Aqua Velva man
Worried about how to get out of the mess this week

Dear Diary; Spent today pretending to be the
sidekick again
"So, a Bard, a Warlord, and a Warrior Princess
walk into a bar . . . "
Okay, give us a quick pose, hand on hip,
big smile - beautiful! - Poteidaia Modeling Agency

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