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Dave's Poetry Place


Chocolate Milk From Brown Cows

The following are some of my better original works:

(Just click on each title to view)

Poodles on the Windshield
("Poodles" has been previously published)

The Cat Came Back
(Inspired a short story for a writing class in college. Result: an A)

The Actor for Love
(It's amazing what we'll do for love)

If I Had a Diamond Ring
(Uh oh, sounds like things are heating up . . . )

It Is Sad
(Ah, the fantasies our minds kick out)

(Do we all think like this or is it just me?)

The Beaches of My Heart
( . . . and then you know true happiness)

(I was in a down mood that day)

(A troubled relationship?)

(My very own story about how it all began with ROC!)

A thought on emotions:

Emotions are strange and can be unkind.
They'll do funny things and mess with your mind.

This page was created using my own creative talents, with many thanks to all the little people who made this all possible. (Note: The little people reference means those who worked behind the scenes at various levels, NOT to the vertically challenged - the ed)
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