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If I Had A Diamond Ring

If I had a diamond ring
that sparkled just like new,
I'd hold it close next to my heart
and keep it safe for you.

I could give just any ring
to anyone, that's true,
the only ring's a special ring
that I would give to you.

If I gave you anything
so special it would be,
For anything I gave to you
would mean so much to me.

So much thought and so much care
in little things I do,
If noticed by anyone at all
I'd hope that it was you.

I love to love and live for love
so before my time is through,
I'd like to share my whole life
and give all my love to you.

To share your life and have your love
is what I'd like to see,
What I'd like to know is this,
Could you love someone like me?

- David L. Papp

This work is solely the property of its author and may not be copied or used in any other way without the express consent of said author.
Copyright © David L. Papp