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The Beaches of My Heart

As I walk along the empty shores
the wind is on my face.
It's like a kiss, a gentle caress,
but feels so out of place.

Across the waves the clouds drift by,
it looks like a parade
of lovers passing through my life
though I know its a charade.

I look upon each one with love
from first to very last.
I wonder what became of them,
all my lovers past.

I hear a voice upon the wind,
sweet and unalarming.
It calls for me across the sand,
so soothing and most charming.

I yearn to walk upon the waves,
to touch those I adored.
It all comes back, I need to know,
I can't go unassured.

The voice is like a whisper now,
not coming from the sea.
I peer across the crystal sand
and smile quite happily

Her hair is blowing in the wind
and hides her face from sight.
She waits for me so patiently,
I go without a fight.

Soon I hold her in my arms,
her kiss so warms my heart.
Her touch is soft and loving;
I pray we never part.

As we stroll, arm in arm,
I smell her sweet perfume.
My love is here beside me now;
for her there's only room.

- David L. Papp

This work is solely the property of its author and may not be copied or used in any other way without the express consent of said author.
Copyright © David L. Papp