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Welcome to my EverQuest Page

EverQuest is a massive on-line fantasy roleplaying game. You can create up to 8 different characters on each of the 30 some servers. There are many race/class combinations to choose from and many different lands to explore. The world of Norrath is deadly and you'll need to rely on your skills to survive. You can group with friends or other people from around the globe as there are many international players. Come take a look and get hooked on the addiction that is EverQuest.

The EverQuest Official Web Site
Everquest info, Message boards and links

Allakhazam's Everquest Site
My favorite source for anything EQ on the web

EQ Prices
Web site giving prices on EQ items in the game

Caster's Realm
Web site with good info for casters

A list of my characters
Name, Level, Race, Class, Server, Guild

Picture Gallery
Soon to have pics and screenshots

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